Measuring for your belt: Each belt is custom made to your requirements, so it is important to get the measurement right.
Please use a tape measure to measure your waist, loosely, where you normally wear your belt and use this measurement on your order. We allow for the tip and buckle ends.
We will not replace or refund a product if it has been ordered in the wrong size, or the wrong colour, so please do not go by trouser size, or that old belt!

Properly caring for your leather belt will extend its life.
Try not to wear your belt every day, as it will stretch and mould to the shape of you waist. Alternating belts will help them retain their original shape.
Store your leather belt by hanging it from its buckle on a tie or belt rack. Folding it in a drawer will cause it to wrinkle. If you do need to keep it in a drawer curl it up, starting from the buckle end, and place it in a cloth or paper bag to hold its shape.
We recommend a dark, well ventilated, cupboard to hang your belt. Never hang your belt in the sunlight, as it will fade, dry out and crack. Never hang your belt in a damp place, as it might attract mould and mildew.

The leather used on our knife pouches (model POUKNI) is able to be moulded to the shape of you knife.
Wrap your knife in cling wrap to prevent it getting wet.
Hold the pouch upside down, in cold water, for two minutes.
Shake off excess water.
Push your knife into the pouch, making sure it fits tightly.
Leave the pouch to dry overnight, with the knife in it.
When the leather is dry, remove the knife from the pouch and remove the cling wrap.
Your pouch is now moulded to the shape of your knife.


Please note, all belts are fashion accessories and are not to used for stock

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